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Consulting and logistics organisation

Cargohub ServicesStrategic and operational consulting in logistics, and logistics/transport organisation.

GLS, under the brand Cargohub Services, offers consulting and logistics organisation services for managing complex, urgent or specific flows, in Europe and beyond. These missions primarily result from outsourcing transport for the Group's shipper customers.

Extensive experience of the transport industry, its partners and its regulations, allows Cargohub Services to position itself as a partner with high added value, independent of operators, with medium-sized industrial, trading and distribution companies.

With Cargohub Services customers will find a comprehensive and personalised response to their logistical needs, whether it be auditing or implementing recommendations, calls for tender or integrating service providers' invoices, allowing them to delegate their logistics management with peace of mind and concentrate on their core business.

Cargohub Services' offer is based on many advantages:
- strong and lasting customer relationships,
- interventions accepted,
- services with a high added value,
- controlled, proven resources,
- consistent quality,
- a comprehensive and personalised offer,
- an effective and innovative information system and modern technology,
- environmental factors are taken into account.


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Cargohub Real EstateInvestments as part of property facility management for major logistics groups, management of property portfolios for the logistics industry.

With Cargohub Real Estate, GLS is the partner of major accounts in the transport and logistics industry, as part of property facility management and the management of property portfolios.

Cargohub Real Estate, a trustworthy investment manager, complies with customers' strategy and goals, ensuring the durability of sites under its responsibility by sustainable management, taking environmental factors into account.
Involved at all stages, responsive, professional, flexible, Cargohub Real Estate offers up a new business relationship with its customers and partners. Going beyond traditional contractual commitments, flexibility is essential for an offer that is consistently responsive to needs.

Cargohub Real Estate offers proven solutions for facility management, but also, thanks to its knowledge of the logistics industry, a broad range of related services covering the specific requirements of its customers' operational optimisation.

Facility management of a property portfolio with Cargohub Real Estate allows:
- to be free from operational constraints in order to focus on your core business,
- to be rid of the risks associated with constantly changing regulations,
- to free up cash flow,
- to calmly deal with the risks inherent to property, and protect investments in an increasingly complex environment,
- to benefit from greater flexibility and personalised assistance in the event of site extension, reduction or activity transfer.


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Cargohub TruckingIndustrial vehicle rental and trade.

GLS has been active in the import, export, trade and rental of industrial vehicles for more than 30 years, now under the trade name Cargohub Trucking. Rent A Truck is the brand dedicated to long-term self-drive rentals.

Cargohub Trucking is positioned as a global partner in fleet outsourcing - a specific, preliminary study allows new types of equipment and configurations to be suggested that take into consideration: the requirement(s) to be met, the environment, and regulatory and technological developments, in order to recommend the best solution. The traditional benefits of outsourcing remain identical for the customer: they benefit from a suitable fleet without engaging capital, and can thus conserve resources for the benefit of their core business.

With operations in France and Luxembourg, Cargohub Trucking demonstrates its technical and business expertise on a daily basis, providing the best possible solution.

The natural extension to the rental activity is equipment recycling, whether it be giving vehicles a new lease of life or selling them. Thus the Group has its own organisation that arranges sales and exports, particularly to Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East.  We also offer this service when a fleet of vehicles is renewed or adapted.

In this context our Minsk and Dubai agencies sell the vehicles directly, on the best terms, without unnecessary and costly intermediaries. The activity is based on inventory and distribution platforms that ensure smooth transactions, in order to meet the needs of the Group's customers as efficiently as possible.

The combined skills of buyer, seller and fleet manager mean the contact you will have with the GLS Trucking division is relevant, flexible and extremely responsive.


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Acquisition of additional shareholding in companies enables the Group to consolidate its general strategy.

Cargohub Invest


The Group capitalises on its dual expertise: mergers/acquisitions, and transport and logistics. Via the intermediary of its brand Cargohub Invest, it is active in the investment market and minority or majority shareholding acquisition.

Following its consolidation strategy strictly, Cargohub Invest focuses on taking over companies operating in GLS' historical activities, as well as service companies that allow it to strengthen its overall strategy.

Cargohub Invest pursues a "participatory" approach to support the development of companies and projects, by taking a minority or majority stake, but does not manage the company. 
This type of approach integrates several options, from a simple equity investment to setting up more complex operations (MBO, LBO, corporate fusion, spin off).

Thus, for example, if a senior executive wishes to step down but a team would like to stay on and manage a company, Cargohub Invest can be a key financial actor, capable of setting up and structuring an LBO, being not only a credible partner for funders, but also providing the ability to develop synergies. For example, the operation structure can incorporate a "sales and lease back" plan for property or vehicle fleets.

Cargohub Invest's multidisciplinary team contributes to the success of these operations with both its approach and knowledge of the logistics industry, providing the support of a real partner, as part of an approved and fully funded business plan.


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